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Aluminum scaffolding and steel pipe scaffolding cost

Oct 02, 2019

Due to the different raw materials and production process requirements, the manufacturing cost of aluminum scaffolding is much higher than the manufacturing cost of steel pipe scaffolding, which is about 7-8 times the cost of steel pipe scaffolding, due to the high cost of construction and the safety of most construction units. Construction awareness is not strong, so aluminum scaffolding has not yet been able to popularize construction. However, the use of aluminum scaffolding as a construction in Hong Kong, Macao, and Europe and the United States has become widespread.

The sales price of steel pipe scaffolding is about 4,000 yuan a ton, calculated by weight. The aluminum alloy scaffold is calculated according to the manufactured finished parts, and the selling price is about 7-8 times that of the steel scaffolding.

There is no need for professional construction scaffolding for the construction of aluminum alloy scaffolding. The general workers can install it. To build steel pipe scaffolding, it is necessary to have a shelf certificate. Those who have received professional training can install it.

From the installation time to compare, build the same area of scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding construction only needs to build one-sixth of the time of steel scaffolding.https://www.aluscaffold.com/