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Aluminum plywood folding stage basic function and the usage of versatile caster.

Nov 06, 2017


summary folding stage, if the material is aluminum plywood, so it can be called aluminum plywood folding stage is one of the stages which belongs to the categories of folding stage.


1. Aluminum plywood folding stage, what is the speicfic material?What is its advantage?

Aluminum plywood folding stage,it is one of the stage.The material is aluminium and plywood.And we can use it according to the actual situation and  requirements to select the appropriate specifications to make it play a proper role.As for the advantage is that it can be folded to reduce the occupied area, and use it flexibly.


2.What is the basic function of aluminum plywood folding stage?

The basic effect of aluminum folding plywood satge is for exhibition.And, it is a movable device.It is mainly made of mesa, platform, and can be articulated feet which is symmetrical around the table.


Aluminum Wooden Stage 3.jpg

Aluminum Wooden Stage

3. how to use the caster when using aluminum folding stage?

There has no problem to use caster when using aluminum plywood folding stage,and can also bring some benefits, therefore,it is recommended to use caster.In general,the caster is fixed under the mounting plate and equipped with two hinged lever.


The advantages of aluminum plywood folding stage is as follows: making stage assemble and disassemble easily, and also convenient transport operations, but mainly on the travel short distances.In addition, after folding stage, its sapce will be very small.