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Aluminum moving scaffolding has application advantages

Dec 10, 2018

Aluminum moving scaffolding is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with relevant safety and quality standards to ensure product safety and weight. The tool can be easily loaded and unloaded and built. In addition to being used independently, it can also be used as a large structure for escalators, stairs, site construction sites, etc. The aluminum mobile scaffold is made of aluminum alloy, which is light and durable. The structure adopts a vertical ladder truss design to increase the working space and reduce the construction time.


In use, according to different position requirements, it can be flexibly built. The aluminum moving scaffold is equipped with a variety of accessories to meet different engineering needs. When used, the requirements for the foundation are the same as those of the general aluminum scaffold. When the foundation is not flat, please use the adjustable base foot, adjust to the use height, and lock the caster to achieve balance. The foundation must have the ability to withstand scaffolding and pressure during work.


When working with aluminum mobile scaffolding staff, it is necessary to fasten the safety belt when constructing and working at height. Install a safety net around the work area to prevent heavy objects from falling and injuring others. When used independently, when the height of the tower exceeds 4 times the width of the bottom, the diagonal support must be installed and installed as required.