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Aluminum mobilestage product features

Sep 20, 2019

1. The omnidirectional detachable, as long as the board and the stage insert occupy the position, the stage brackets are all detachable;

2, cost-effective;

3, disassembly and disassembly of the fast, the use of plug-type device, without any device tools, even 100 square, two people can build the end of 40 minutes;

4, good stability, serious.

5, the event stage, to meet the needs of customers on the stage of the event, can be used with the installation, easy to use.

6, adjustable height: conditioning base has two kinds of high conditioning range, in addition can be customized according to different heights requested by customers. Adjustable height also makes the fast loading stage handle the air unevenness, the ups and downs, etc. The conditioning principle is similar to the scaffolding principle, but the conditioning knob is enhanced, thicker than the scaffolding knob, and more The great ability to bear the weight is one of the most ideal equipment for performances and exhibitions.