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Aluminum mobile stage has four advantages.

Dec 23, 2017

Advantage 1: Aluminium mobile stage won't rust,but has long service life. For example, the currently popular aluminum stage is mainly used 6061-T6 aviation material which has higher strength and excellent corrosion resistance than other materials. Not only that, but also in the welding place and the sharp corner is also specially made grinding process treatment to enhance the aesthetic degree and extends service life.

Advantage 2:It is convenient and flexible to move the aluminum mobile stage,especially used on outdoor.This is because its’ material is not only steady but also light with high rigidity to install easily,addition to the proper design,it is very convenient to move.

Advantage 3:professional aluminum mobile stage has better security which has good material and structure design to give user better security assurance.

Advantage 4:It it one of the characteristics that the cost of aluminum mobile stage is not much and more popular.Relatively,mobile stage will save more cost,like material fee,installation fee,rent fee and etc.