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Aluminum mobile scaffolding is becoming more and more popular in construction project

Sep 05, 2018

Most of the scaffolds on the market today are mainly made of iron and steel, while the scaffold of this kind of material is very heavy to use, and the overall design is simple, with low safety performance, which leads to frequent safety accidents like accidental collapse of scaffold on the market. The construction efficiency is very low. It takes several days or even more than ten days to build. The labor cost is very high.

In some of its developed, already developed a kind of aluminum alloy scaffolding, and widely used in construction sites. The whole structure is safe and stable because of its high strength of component connection and scientific design of supporting mechanism. The whole is made of light and strong aluminum alloy. The weight of the scaffold is much less than that of a traditional scaffold, which makes it convenient to use.

At present, due to the high use efficiency of aluminum mobile scaffolding, which is embodied in its movable type, the construction and disassembly are very fast and convenient, and can be constructed with bare hands without any tools. And traditional iron scaffolding, you also need to wrench on tools such as screw, a lot of time to build a scaffold for construction needs a few days or even more than ten days to complete, aluminum alloy scaffolding structures, 12 meters or so tightly takes 15 minutes to complete, greatly improving the construction efficiency, reduce the construction cost of labor and time. At present, aluminum mobile scaffolding is more and more popular in construction.

Construction site needs hanging ceiling, painting walls, installation of fire equipment, installation of lamps, decoration painting, installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, aluminum mobile scaffolding is the best choice of tools at present.