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Aluminum ladder accessories manufacturers to share the safe use of mobile ladder matters

Jan 19, 2017
´╗┐First, the ladder of the cross spacing is usually 30 cm, it is the angle of 60 degrees with the ground, the top of the building closely with the firm, the following should also be equipped with non-slip facilities. When the ladder is not able to secure the placement of the construction site, you must specify a person to support the ladder. Do not move the ladder when someone else is on the ladder.

Second, the mobile ladder suitable for use in the height of 4 meters in a short time to use the workplace, but also in the ladder before the various parts of the structure of the safety performance checks to ensure the safe use of mobile ladder. When used in front of the door, there is a need to prevent the door was suddenly opened measures.

Third, when moving ladders, a temporary sheet or wire mesh is placed between the moving ladder and the mechanical transmission for protection. The ladder can not be used as a support, table or other, only as a climbing tool.