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Aluminum Double-Round Trusses

Apr 12, 2018

Combined with practical applications, aluminum double-circle truss products are currently used for various performances and exhibitions as a backdrop, display racks, advertising racks, and high-grade exhibition booths. In comparison, aluminum double round trusses have the advantages of multiple shapes, beautiful appearance, and low cost.


First, the main advantages of aluminum double round truss products:

1, light weight, strong bearing capacity, easy handling, flexible use, can save a lot of time and labor costs;

2, the interface is a bolt type, long-term use is not easy to deformation, durable;

3, beautiful appearance atmosphere, high grade, easy maintenance, no rust.


Second, aluminum double round truss product quality assurance measures:


The reason why aluminum double-circle truss products are more and more popular among users is not only because of its good appearance, but also because of its high quality and economical use.


1. In the production of aluminum double-round truss products, we have specially adopted sophisticated equipment. It can thus ensure that the product welding is not deformed, the hole position is accurate, and the product is uniform.


2, use high quality qualified materials. In order to obtain high-quality aluminum double-circle truss products, our selection of materials is particularly stringent. The purchased materials must meet the national standards and have inspection reports issued by national professional testing organizations.


3, for a group of experienced technical staff, and all the on-site production personnel for a long period of professional training. This will ensure the standard and aesthetics of the solder joints when processing and producing aluminum double round truss products.


4, strict quality inspection. All aluminum double-circle truss products undergo a strict calibration before leaving the factory. The QC is initially checked and the QA is sampled to ensure product quality.