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Aluminum alloy truss Wide application

Jun 02, 2018

The use of aluminum alloy trusses in the construction of the stage is becoming more and more extensive. Why do the aluminum alloy trusses become necessary elements of the stage truss? This is certainly a certain reason.

The first aluminum alloy truss also has a very good compression resistance. In general, the aluminum alloy bearing can reach more than 700kg. Such a bearing capacity is believed to meet various performance requirements.

Second, the corrosion resistance and durability of aluminum alloy trusses are unsurpassed. This is in contrast to iron trusses. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy trusses is outstanding. Under normal circumstances, the life of aluminum alloy trusses can be achieved. For more than a few decades.

The third point is that the weight of the aluminum alloy truss is much lighter than that of the conventional iron truss, which saves more labor costs for the construction and handling of the truss. This advantage is more prominent.

Aluminum alloy truss according to the shape can be divided into tripod, square frame and shaped rack. According to the installation category can be divided into bolt truss and screw truss.

Aluminum alloy truss is also called truss. Generally made of aluminum after cutting, processing, welding, polishing, painting and other processing combinations. It can build a variety of large, medium and small truss systems according to the site. It is widely used in performance exhibitions, event celebrations, background settings, lighting and audio equipment. Lightweight, easy to build and transport, large-span can reach more than 30 meters, aluminum materials have strong compressive and anti-corrosion and durability, and can be flexibly combined according to specific requirements.