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Aluminum alloy scaffolding standard features

Nov 07, 2019

1. Flexibility: It is especially suitable for use in narrow spaces, such as motor houses, offices and small workshops. Storage also takes up less space.

2. Platform pedal: The platform pedal adopts high-density, high-quality non-slip birch plywood, and the surrounding is coated with waterproof edge-sealing paint to make the board strong and durable.

3, insurance clip: easy to use, special one more than a screw hole, easy to install and disassemble when the small safety clips, to avoid falling accidents and reduce the chance of loss.

4, crossbar and diagonal tie rod: Different models are distinguished by different colors, and it is more convenient to use.

5, brake engine casters: high-quality casters consist of traceless polyurethane wheels and pedal brakes, the brakes prevent the scaffold from moving during work. Quality specifications can be installed according to customer requirements.