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Aluminum alloy scaffolding production process guarantees stability and durability

Apr 28, 2019

Insiders pointed out that most of the aluminum scaffolds we often see today are made by welding. However, when aluminum alloy materials are welded by hot working, internal stress is generated, which easily destroys the internal molecular structure of the aluminum material and reduces the original strength and durability of the material. This requires the welding process to have strict quality in production. Control, otherwise it is easy to form a virtual weld, the latter has a large internal stress, resulting in rapid damage to the product caused by shaking after the product is built at a certain height. Therefore, common aluminum alloy products such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, ladders, etc. are all non-welded riveting. However, the aluminum alloy scaffolding of the British brand SPAN400 uses a different process. Instron adopts cold-worked aluminum scaffolding, which is much better than ordinary welding process structure in terms of strength, stability and durability.