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Aluminum Alloy Scaffolding manufactory

Jan 06, 2018

Rapid Aluminum Mobile Tower let your aerial work more easy, safety and more efficiency, with its own advanced and unique technique. It is wide using in aerial maintenance, repair, installation and cleaning work, ect., in outdoor and indoor jobs.

Scaffolding Components

Aluminum tubing frames
All frames can be utilized as uppers, lowers and guard rails without modification and for height combination.
Guard rail frames for safe purpose
Fully welded "T" set for long life and robust construction

Automatic self- locking brace hooks for easy assembling and dismantling
Braces can be identified by colors with its function.

Aluminum Mobile Tower .png

Platform with Hatch
Large trap door hatch for easy access to upper level
Toe Board design for considering kinds of safety issue while working

Outrigger can be attached easily by clamp locks to increase the stability of the tower

Wheels in rubber, PU and castors with adjustable legs, with high durability and are grease, chemical resistance and non-marking.
Adjustable legs to adjust level on uneven ground condition
Several models for your choice to achieve your requirement

Inquiry us if you have any questions regarding any technique, quality and any other issues. Our professional team will give you any kind of helps with their industrial experiences.