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Advantages of double width aluminum scaffolding

Sep 26, 2018

Double-width aluminum scaffolding not only saves bench space, but also reduces rack time. In practice, the work platform can be set at any level of the tower. The compact combination of rack performance gives the scaffolding unquestionable flexibility and greatly improves utilization. Each working platform plate has an average of 272 kg and a maximum load of up to 900 kg.


The double-width aluminum scaffold itself is lightweight, durable and easy to handle and build. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a large structure for escalators, stairs, construction sites, etc. Thanks to the vertical ladder truss, it can increase the working space and reduce the construction time. Moreover, the working platform can be built at different heights of the aluminum frame as needed.


In practical applications, the double-width aluminum scaffolding can be used with a double-width frame, which makes the carrying of the tool very convenient and easy to handle material loading and unloading. In addition, handrails, platforms, self-locking buckles, safety and stability, as well as handrails and skirting boards are added to ensure safety.


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