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Advantages of all aluminum plank for saffolding

Nov 14, 2018

From the perspective of safety, when erecting high-rise scaffolding, on the one hand, the various materials used for scaffolding with all-aluminum plates should meet the quality requirements, and the foundation for high-level scaffolding must be firm, and the technical requirements for scaffolding should comply with relevant regulations. .


At the same time, the scaffolding needs to be calculated before the all-aluminum plate is used to ensure that the load requirements are met, and the drainage measures are taken according to the construction specifications. Compared to traditional scaffolding products, the components are lightweight and easy to install, handle and store. Scaffolding weighs only 1/3 of the weight of traditional steel scaffolding, without worrying about crushing the ground. Moreover, each connecting component has high strength, good stability, and the overall structure is safe, stable and reliable.


At the same time, in the design of the all aluminum plank for saffolding, the overall structure adopts the "building block" combination design, the components are standardized, and there are no loose parts. Products include both wide and narrow width specifications. The narrow frame can be lapped on a narrow ground, which is convenient and flexible. It can meet the requirements of high-altitude operation in narrow spaces such as wall corners and stairs. It is a good helper for high-altitude operations.