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Advantages and uses of portable lighting aluminium truss

Jan 03, 2019

Portable lighting aluminum truss refers to a system widely used for performance exhibitions, event celebrations, background layout, lighting and sound suspension, etc., which are made of a series of processing techniques such as cutting, processing, welding, polishing and painting. . According to the site, various truss systems of different sizes, large and medium-sized can be built, and flexible combinations can be made according to specific requirements.


The portable lighting aluminum truss is made of aluminum, so the overall quality is light, and with the portable structure design, it is easier to set up and transport the machine. Aluminum is extremely resistant to pressure and corrosion, and can be divided into square (angle) frames, tripods and profiled frames. According to the installation category, it can be divided into a plug truss and a screw truss.


In addition, because the portable lighting aluminum truss is light in weight, it can also save the user a lot of transportation costs. Compared to the iron truss, the portable lighting aluminum truss system has excellent corrosion resistance and has a service life of more than 10 years.