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Advantages and construction methods of portable truss lighting system.

Nov 30, 2018

The portable truss lighting system can be used for indoor and outdoor performances, etc., as a light stand, the overall structure of the high-thickness square frame to achieve its high load capacity. The portable truss lighting system is built to be fast, beautiful, windproof, and the height of the tent can be adjusted at will. So how do you build it?


In fact, the construction of portable truss lighting systems is a complicated task, because the construction methods used for different lighting systems are different. Usually when building, first set up four bases in the approximate position on the ground, and then adjust the lower legs to make them on the same level. Then insert the bottom part of the diagonal support on the outside of the base on the four corners, preferably inserting two or more at each corner.


Next, assemble the beam section and connect the portable truss lighting system truss lie flat, then screw one end to the counter head, the other end to the cross arm, and link the hanging hoist and cross arm. The role of the gourd is to raise the beam truss below. Slowly erect the column truss, then fix the screw on the top of the head, then hook the lower beam with the hook under the hanging hoist, tighten the end of the diagonal support and the column, and tighten the other end and the horizontal support of the base. The construction is completed.