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Adaptability of single width aluminum scaffolding and design and production requirements

Apr 10, 2019

The single width aluminum scaffold is highly adaptable, and its leg height can be freely adjusted during operation. It can be used based on steps, stairs and complex terrain. With polyurethane casters, it can avoid marble and wooden floors. And the damage to the ground such as the lawn, can enter and exit in a narrow space (such as elevators, doors, etc.), construction and operation; a variety of combinations, beautiful appearance.

The single width aluminum scaffold has a flexible combination of construction, and can be effectively designed and manufactured according to the user's special maintenance or different terrain environment during the work process.

The single width aluminum scaffold is rust-resistant and maintenance-free. All components are subjected to special anti-oxidation treatment during use. They are not rusted and chemically resistant during use. The joint is a solid shot blasting product. Up to 30 years, no maintenance required.

The single width aluminum scaffolding is very quick during installation, and the process of moving the scaffolding during installation is very simple and can be quickly installed and removed with only a one-handed hammer. The crossbar plug and the upright bar are tightly combined, the contact surface is large, and the construction is safer. Moreover, the independent wedge-shaped latch is inserted into the self-locking mechanism, and the crossbar plug cannot be detached even if the latch is not tightened due to the interlocking and gravity.