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About the height of aluminum scaffolding

Nov 15, 2019

Aluminum scaffolding is an aerial work tool. The height of a scaffold is where is it calculated from where?

In general, the height of aluminum scaffolding can be divided into three parts: platform height, working height and tower height.

Platform height: refers to the height of the ground to the work platform board (the platform board that the staff needs to stand).


Working height: refers to the height of the position that the hand needs to touch when the construction worker works, which is generally higher than the height of the platform by 2 meters.

Tower height: refers to the total height of the built aluminum scaffolding (the highest point of the caster to the aluminum scaffold).

These three heights have a fixed relationship: (highest) working height > tower height > platform height. Therefore, customers should be clear about their requirements for these three heights when purchasing aluminum scaffolding in order to choose the product that suits them best.