Single Width Aluminum Mobile Tower

material:6061 - t6
Tube diameter:50.6mm
Rang:Decoration,high working
Certificate: EN1004:2004,CE

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Introduction :

Aluminum alloy scaffolding is made of light, solid 6061 aluminum alloy materials, the overall construction efficiency is high, high load-bearing strength;Due to the free combination, the components are built quickly and quickly, safe and stable, light weight, quick disassembly, saving transportation costs
The advantages of convenient transportation and high mobility have gradually become ideal.

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Advantages of Aluminum Mobile Tower
1. Aluminum alloy is adopted as the material. Model 6061 is light in weight and easy to set up.
2. The same structure is one-third of the weight of the traditional steel structure, without the need to worry about crushing the ground;
3. Safety and stability: the connection strength of each component is high and stable, the design of supporting mechanism is scientific, the structure is safe and stable, and imported welding equipment is adopted
4. It has the internationally certified EN1090 aluminum welding process, meeting the international standards;
5. Convenient disassembly and assembly: the overall structure adopts modular combination design, parts are standardized, no loose parts, connection adopts self-locking buckle, without any connection;
6. It only takes two people one hour to complete the erection of a tower as high as ten meters, saving time and effort;
7. Working height can be adjusted freely: solid and reliable working platform, adjustable height, and casters can be adjusted to work normally on uneven indoor and outdoor ground;
8. Easy to move: equipped with industrial double brake casters, which can be brake by foot, easy to use, and a single castor can bear up to 700KG;
9. Safety customization: special design can be made according to users' special requirements or different requirements of terrain environment to meet different operating environments;
10. Aluminum profiles safe and reliable, no more than worry about rust, a life as long as 10 years.

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