Single Width Aluminium Scafffolding With Straight Ladder

Product Details

Introduction of single width aluminum tower with straight ladder.

Single width aluminum scaffolding with straight ladder is used in limited space and is very convenient to be transported and carried. It can be installed in narrow space such as corridor, escalator and stairs.It has the characteristics of light weight and flexibility.


especially suitable for use within the limited space, such as the narrow sidewalks and corridors

·We can handle it on the stairs and on my own

·Single width type design, can push through many doors

·light, but strong

·easy to carry, can be removed in the minivan


Products Advantages:

Fast installation, compared with other manufacturers products installation fast for at least five times more;

Extrusion connection parts, the probability of fracture is zero;

Framework USES the tee junction after welding, frame structure and firm;

In strict accordance with the European top security technology standard EN1004:2004 production, safety guarantee;

Scaffolding pipe pass strict testing, the indicators at or higher than the highest safety standards to use.


Applicable objects:

1, the floor space is narrow, build scaffolding restricted;

2, flexible, transportation convenient to carry;

3, level, working height is different, and requires highly flexible;

4, double the height of the need to build in 12 meters;

single width aluminum tower with straight ladder Combination:.

combination framework: 5 (2.32 m), 4 (1.85 m), 3 (1.39 m) level 2 (0.85 m, are often used as a fence alone) framework flexible combination, can a single height, also can mix different type frame combination.

corrosion resistant free maintenance:

all parts are processed with special anti-oxidation, rust resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, the service life of the product is as high as more than 10 years, without maintenance.



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