Mini Aluminum Mobile Tower

Mini Aluminum Mobile Tower
Product Details

Introduction of Mini aluminum mobile scaffolding

Mini aluminum mobile scaffolding is used in limited space and is very convenient to transport and carry, it can be installed in the corridor, escalator, stairs and other space is relatively narrow, disassembled general small minibus can hold all the accessories.It has the characteristics of light weight and flexibility.



Main Tube:50.8*2mm


Platform height:2~2.5m

Loading capacity:200KG/m2

Color:solid or customized



● especially suitable for use within the limited space, such as the narrow sidewalks and corridors;

● can easily and flexibly use on different occasions, mobile convenience, simple installation quickly;

● wide type design, can push through the general door;

● light, but do not break firm;

● is easy to carry, can be removed in the minivan transportation.


Applicable objects:

1. The ground space is narrow, and scaffolds are limited;

2. Flexible walking and convenient transportation;

3. Different working height and flexible working height;

4. The height of a single tower needs to be built within 12 meters;




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