Double Width Aluminum Mobile Tower

Double Width Aluminum Mobile Tower
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Type: Aluminum Tower
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Rapid Aluminum
Model Number: RAMT01
Material: 6061-T6
Tube diameter: 50.6mm
Thickness: 2mm
Application: Maintanance
Surface: Original Color
Certificatiton: EN1004:2004
Warranty: 12 Months

Double Width Aluminum Mobile Tower


Aluminum mobile tower/scaffold introduction:
Aluminum alloy scaffolding is made of light and strong aluminum materials, the overall structure of the modular design, components
Standardization without parts;Due to the free combination of aluminum scaffolding performance, safety and stability, light weight, disassembly and fast, transport
The advantages of convenient transport and high mobility have gradually become the ideal for three types of climbing: Vertical Ladder; Oblique Ladder; Stair.


Features of aluminum alloy scaffold:
 1. Light weight: adopt light and strong aluminum alloy as material, light weight parts, easy to install, carry and store, the weight is
 2. Traditional steel structure scaffolding 1/3, do not need to worry about crushing the ground;
 3. Safety and stability: the connection strength of components is high, stable, supporting mechanism design science, structure safety and stability, using imported welding equipment
 4. Prepare scientific welding process, the strength is more than three times of the traditional welding process;
 5. Quick assembly and disassembly: the overall structure adopts the modular combination design, the parts are standardized without loose parts, and the self-locking clasp is adopted for connection without any need
 6. Any installation tools can quickly set up a set of aluminum alloy scaffolding platform;
 7. Working freedom: anti-skid and waterproof working platform, which can be built at any height and can operate normally on uneven ground indoors or outdoors;
 8. Easy to move: it is equipped with high-strength brake casters, which can be moved and locked at will for continuous use in different locations;
9. Strong adaptability: the height of the supporting leg can be adjusted freely, which can be used based on stairs, steps and complex terrain.
 10. Flexible combination: according to the user's special maintenance or different terrain environment requirements, special design to meet different operating environment;
 11. Corrosion resistance and maintenance-free: all parts are specially anti-oxidation treatment, no rust, chemical corrosion resistance, no maintenance.

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