Double Width Aluminium Scaffolding With Ladder Frame

Product Details

Double width aluminum scaffolding with diagonal ladder:

Double diagonal ladder type aluminum alloy scaffolding, wide applicable diagonal inclined ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding, up and down the length of the diagonal ladder correspond to the height of each layer framework for collocation, diagonal ladder will frame diagonal bracing frame, makes the frame more solid, diagonal inclined ladder small volume at the same time, take up the space is not large, easy to handle, transport and storage.





Main Tube:50.8*2mm


Platform height:2~2.5m

Loading capacity:200KG/m2

Color:solid or customized


1. Install the mounting head quickly, at least five times faster than other manufacturer's products;

2. The connection parts are extruded and formed, and the probability of breaking is zero;

3. The frame shall be welded after three-way connection, and the frame structure shall be firm;

4. Production in strict accordance with Europe's highest safety technical standard en1004:2004, safety guarantee;

5. Scaffolds shall be strictly tested and shall not be used until they meet or exceed the highest safety standards in Europe


1. Diagonal ladder is conducive to the stability of the whole structure;

2. Easy and quick to get up and down scaffolding;

3. The diagonal ladder is small in size, easy to build and easy to store and transport.

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