Double Width Aluminium Scaffolding With Straight Ladder

Product Details

Introduction of double width aluminum scaffolding with straight ladder.

Double width aluminum scaffolding with straight ladder is currently the most widely used aluminum alloy scaffolding,straight ladder design, can not only solve the problem of aluminum alloy scaffolding ladder up and down, while at the same time become simple and easy, can let the building dismantling scaffolds flat pallet can be positioned on the frame of any level, extremely convenient need often change homework the height of the construction.

Double width aluminum scaffolding with straight ladder can not only save the cost of the inclined climbing ladder, but also solve the problem of up and down aluminum alloy scaffolding is the most cost-effective product.





Main Tube:50.8*2mm


Platform height:2~2.5m

Loading capacity:200KG/m2

Color: solid or customized




Product features:

● double width design, stable and reliable, widely used in floor space without limit of situations;

● straight ladder structure design, can not only save working space, and can reduce the step-stone on time;

● working platform can be set up in any level of the tower, the height of each level is 46 cm height to match the different work requires;

● delicate and flexible combination makes scaffolding used widely is suitable for various occasions such as stairs, ultra-high need occasions such as setup.

● mobile convenience, a single building, use can be moved to a different place.

Applicable objects:

1. Not restricted by the ground space;

2. Simple and quick installation and disassembly;

3. Different working height and flexible working height;

4. The height needed to be built is over 12 meters;


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