Combined Aluminum Scaffolding

Combined Aluminum Scaffolding
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combined aluminum scaffolding Brief:

Aluminum alloy scaffolding are flexible and changeable, which can be used to build and operate on different terrain. Composite aluminum alloy scaffolds mainly solve the problem that the working face of the existing standard frame is not large enough.




Main Tube:50.8*2mm


Platform height:2~2.5m

Loading capacity:200KG/m2

Color:solid or customized



1. The working face of the standard aluminum alloy scaffold does not meet the needs of the working area and requires a larger working face;

2. The construction height exceeds the limit of one set of aluminum alloy scaffolds, and multiple sets of scaffolds are needed to reinforce the stability of the whole scaffold.



1. Large working area

The normal operating area of a set of standard double-width aluminum alloy scaffolds is 2000*1350mm, and a set of single-width aluminum alloy scaffolds is 2000*750mm.

A large area of simultaneous construction is required for many construction occasions. A single set of aluminum alloy scaffolds should not be sufficient for the construction area.

2. Strong safety;

Multiple sets of aluminum alloy scaffolds are combined to increase the overall structure area, which greatly improves the stability and stability of aluminum alloy scaffolds.


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