Portable Building Aluminum Scaffold tower for sales

This aluminum tower is composed of ladder frames , guardrail(Top) Frames, horizontal braces, diagonal braces, aluminum plywood planks, castors, aluminum trapdooor plywood Deck,etc. It has the advantages of convenient and quick assembly and convenient use

Product Details

Building Aluminum Scaffold tower Widely used in the construction and maintenance of industrial and civil buildings such as factories, large stadiums, convention centers, stages, shopping malls, stations, terminals, airports, bridges, subways, tunnels, etc.

Scaffolding refers to the various supports that are built on the construction site for workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation. The construction site is used in exterior walls, interior decoration or places where the height is too high to be directly constructed. Mainly for the construction workers to work up and down or peripheral safety net enclosures and high-altitude installation components, etc.






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