3M Double Width Aluminum Mobile Tower

3M Double Width Aluminum Mobile Tower
Product Details

Double Width Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Tower Introduction:

Aluminum mobile tower can support an average of 272kg for each working platform.The maximum load of each tower is 900kg.Rapid factory can provide all kinds of aluminum alloy tower combinations to meet the operation needs of different heights.All scaffold components are modular standard parts, can be assembled at will, height arbitrary combination.Especially suitable for outdoor and indoor engineering maintenance, cleaning maintenance and other high-altitude operations.

3M Aluminum Mobile Tower Data:

Product:3M high double width aluminum mobile tower

Product type:Ladder frame


Main tube:Ο50.8mm




Platform loading:200KG/M2


Advantages of door type mobile quick loading aluminum alloy scaffold:

1. Especially suitable for working in limited space.

2. It can be used for building narrow automatic stairs and escalators.

3. It can pass through standard doors and pedestrian walkways.

4. Light and stable, easy to build and easy to receive.

5. Small and delicate, which can be shipped by general small freight vehicles.

6. Vertical and oblique stairs are available.

Build efficiently and quickly to make your work easier


Description of door type aluminum alloy movable quick loading scaffold:

1. Safe and reliable: imported welding equipment with strength more than three times that of traditional welding technology;

2. Quick lap and tear: fast lock connection, stable and safe, small parts, easy to install, handle and store

3. Freedom of work: anti-skid and waterproof working platform with arbitrary height;

4. Mobility: it can move the entire tower on the ground, multiple types of combinations to meet different environments;

5. Beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, no maintenance, no damage to the ground by polyurethane caster;

6. Comply with EN1004 and other international standards, and obtain CE certification;


Detailed picture:

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