20M High Aluminium Scaffolding

20M High Aluminium Scaffolding
Product Details

20 m high aluminium alloy scaffold introduction:

The safety of 20 m high aluminium scaffolding is the first consideration.It is very important to choose a manufacturer with rich practical experience and guaranteed product quality.Because the program is flexible, the factor that considers is more also, not common manufacturer can build.


High aluminum alloy scaffold features:

● according to the needs of field construction, special design;

According to the environmental restrictions on the site and the needs of the site construction, special design, flexible combination;

● general structure of the twin towers, safe, stable and consider economic use;

Two towers are built. A main tower is built over 20 meters, and the auxiliary tower is generally built over 14 meters.

● variety of up and down the scaffold ladder can choose;

Vertical ladder, 70 degree diagonal ladder, diagonal ladder, etc. can be selected according to the needs of the aluminum alloy scaffolding up and down;

● portable, high work efficiency;

Over 20 meters of aluminum alloy scaffolding, the ground is flat and movable, reducing the number of erection;

Improve work efficiency;



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