High Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

High Aluminum Scaffolding Tower
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How to eliminate the safety hazards of high aluminum scaffolding? 
Before erecting and using the aluminum alloy scaffolding, it is necessary to make appropriate safety inspections, such as ensuring that all parts are in good condition, with no key cracks and obvious dents, etc., and carry out safety and standard construction to avoid potential safety hazards.

Based on the current industry realities, many construction workers are not professionals, so we need to ensure that these non-professionals can safely use scaffolds of more than 20 meters in height through some simple training. This is when we design products. The issue to be considered.


aluminum mobile tower apply Specification: 





Aluminum alloy scaffolding advantages

1. Light weight

Light weight, easy installation, handling and storage.One third of the weight of traditional scaffolding.

2. Easy to build and disassemble

No installation tools required, short construction time.

3. Stable and safe structure

A new type of cold working process is adopted to break the tensile strength up to 4100kg to 4400Kg, with a maximum bearing capacity of 900Kg at a height of 12m.

4. Easy to move

Can be moved and locked at will, convenient for multiple locations to use continuously.

5. Strong applicability

Height is freely adjusted to avoid damage to the ground.

6. Corrosion resistant and maintenance free

Anti - oxidation treatment, service life up to 30 years.

7. Flexible construction of aluminum alloy scaffold

Special design and manufacture according to demand, quick delivery and perfect after - sales service.

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