Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding

Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding
Product Details

Product Introduction
Aluminum mobile scaffolding high-rise tower is built by combination, composed of the main frame and auxiliary frame, the main frame and auxiliary frame is connected by the main attachment frame

* Main Tube:50.6*2mm
* Material:6061-T6
* Length:1000mm~3000mm
* Width:1350mm or 750mm
* Height:2000~12000mm
* Loading:900KG
* Color:solid
* Certificate:EN1004:2004

Aluminum mobile scaffolding

Connecting rod transverse connection, and then by aluminum pipe and aluminum fastener oblique cross reinforcement, the bottom is equipped with extended oblique brace, and then strengthen the aluminum frame
Stability, which makes working at high altitude safer.

Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Features
1, strong and stable: imported welding equipment, the use of scientific welding process, the strength of the traditional welding process is more than three times;
2, lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble: fast lock connection, stable and safe, small parts, weight is easy to install, transport, storage;
3. Freedom of work: anti-skid and waterproof working platform with arbitrary working height;
4. Strong combination and movement performance: the tower can be moved on the ground for various combinations to meet different environments;
5. Flexibility: the working platform can be set at any level of the tower;
6, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, maintenance free, polyurethane casters on the ground without damage;
7.Comply with safety standards: the design and manufacturing are in full compliance with ISO9001, EN1004 and other international standards.

Usage Area
Including (aviation, electricity, fire protection, construction, telecommunications, film and television, exhibition, school, advertising, hotel, shopping mall, office building,
Government agencies, subways, railways, factories, etc.) repair and maintenance, cleaning and maintenance, installation equipment, decoration and other high-altitude operations.

Detail Picture

Detail picture

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